We’re Matt and Olivia of Float Balloon Tours – nice to meet you!

Float is a new approach to ballooning. It’s such an easy pitfall of a tour company to exist simply because of a customer’s attraction to their industry, not because they’re excited to share something unique. People want to skydive, and snorkle, and fly, and those services will always be available, almost everywhere.

Why do things differently?

We started Float because, simply put, we saw so much of the same sheep in different clothing across the entire tour industry, and we wanted to do something else. So we started collaborating! First with local restaurants and florists, and then anyone who’s work we loved. And with each collaboration our company grew. We learned that, if planned correctly, we can get over Sonoran wilderness almost every single day, and that we really can cook a three-course bespoke meal in the desert, right where we land. That we can offer professional photographs to every one of our guests, and that we can fly un-branded balloons (that look great in photos 😉 ) and still grow our company.

So, here we are, four years later. Float keeps growing and we keep loving what we do. The workload has been considerable, but it’s exactly the work we want to be doing – because of you. Our amazing customers.

Our unbelievably supportive customers who send us handwritten thank yous and homemade cookies. Our customers who three-way-call us with their families on the line to make sure they’re booking a ride with the right place. Our company manages to grow by two or three word-of-mouth marketers every time we go for a flight.

So with our balloon rides we hope to cultivate the type of community that is already blossoming around Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. We want to share what makes our corner of the map so remarkable, not just by flying above it, but by inviting everything that is unique about the Southwest into our customers’ experience. We aim to engage all senses, because that’s exactly what Arizona does.

We can’t wait to share what we love with you!